IDI Roundup #24: The Roundup is back.

Hi friends,

Welcome back to the Roundup! I have written one in really long time and now here it is! Squeeze!! I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your weekend. I am having a nice time just relaxing.

I played on my PlayStation yesterday, so I got to relieve the stress I was carrying for the week. 😉

Speaking of this past week, I had a job interview at another non-profit organization. The interviewer was really nice and I think we vibed very well, so I hope I get the position for the Summer. And who knows what will happen when Fall comes.

So, I am happy about that. 😊

In other news, my writer’s block is still here. *Groan* But I have some writing prompts that I hope would inspire me to write. It is been a really long time and I miss my characters. Hopefully, I can get back on it soon because it is disappointing to have all of this unfinished work lying around and not being able to continue. In addition, trying to find inspiration to write has me stuck. And when I tell you that I am so over this writer’s block, I am not kidding.

It is super frustrating. *Sigh* But I digress.

While I have found this to be most frustrating, work is still the same. It is frustratingly annoying when you are trying to teach something and your students are just non-receptive. Sometimes I want to scream but I can’t. I have to keep reminding myself to breathe and that the year is almost over!

It is just part of the job and as much as you might want to pull your hair out, (which you shouldn’t) remember what you and your friends were like in middle school. I wasn’t perfect. None of us were. So I try to keep that in mind.

And on a final note. I’ll try to write more blogs on a weekly basis. It is hard for me since I have multiple social media accounts and trying to stay on top of all of them can be very hard. But I’ll do my best to keep you informed.



36 Years Old and proud of it!

Be-bold.pngHi friends,

Welcome to another work week. Yay! (groan) I hope all is well with you. As for me, I am doing fine. I am still coming off my 36th birthday high three weeks ago. So excuse me if I am feeling myself too much. After last year, I felt like I needed to enjoy my day.

So for my day, I decided to do something that I have never done before. I got my ears pierced! I know it may sound a little silly, but I wanted to do something bold.

I never had them pierced before and I wanted to see how I would look if I had gotten them done. So I after talking myself into it for two hours, I got on the bus and traveled to the mall to Claire’s to get it done.

Claire’s a real cutesy store with a lot of things for preteens, teenagers, and young adults. Someone like me…not so much. But the store has a lot of things that are nice if you want to go out on a date. Anyway, I walked into in the store and I was so nervous. I mean, who wouldn’t be.

There were parents with their children there. Lots of them. Luckily for me, there was no one ahead of me, so I didn’t have to wait long. Soon after an employee came over to me and asked if I needed help. I told her that I wanted to get my ears pierced and it was my birthday.

She told me ‘happy birthday’ and said I should pick out which earrings I wanted. However, by the time I picked them out, she had to help with the customers so she wouldn’t be piercing my ears.

So I sat in the chair, which was almost too high for me to sit on (the problem with being vertically challenged). About a minute or so, another employee came and introduced herself to me. She walked me through the process and she made sure to tell me that I had clean my piercings with a solution three times a day for three weeks to a month to prevent infection (unfortunately I haven’t been really good at doing it and have missed days applying the solution).

As she placed the dots on my earlobes, I began to feel more nervous. She told me to breathe and everything will be fine. She showed me the kit that she was going to use. The earrings I wanted were placed in the machine. After six clicks and holding my breath, it was done!

“That’s it?!” I said to her. “See, that wasn’t bad, right?” “Yeah, it didn’t even hurt.” I looked in the mirror at my new bling and I was feeling myself. I picked out a second pair of earrings and paid for the piercing and left.

And just like that, all my nervousness was gone and I was soooo happy. I don’t really step out of my comfort zone, (like never) and finally, I did something that I wanted to do for so long.

I feel like I can do anything. I mean it just a pair of earrings and to most people, it’s not something so serious, but for me…I feel more independent…free to express myself. I want to be bold and take more risks. Life is too short to always play things the safe way. However, I am being smart about the decisions I make.

So, Be Bold. Be Smart. And remember to have FUN!!!!!


2018: What’s Next?

Hi friends,

Well, it has been one interesting year I must say. 2017 had definitely brought its share of ups and downs, but I am glad that I am still here.

Over the year, I went back to work at the second non-profit organization I work for. In addition, I did summer camp at a new location but I didn’t really like it too much. There really wasn’t much for me to do and it felt like a waste of time for me to be there. However, I got the chance to visit my old summer campsite in Queens and I was so happy to see my kids and former co-workers. I think the kids were happy to see me too. I just wanted them to know that I hadn’t forgotten about them even though I no longer worked for the company.

Some the kids grew taller than me and I was so shocked in that because it had only been a few months. (Okay it was a whole school year, but it still felt like a short amount of time.)

It was bittersweet to see them all and to be honest, I didn’t want to leave. But I had to. It was time for me to go back to work in Brooklyn.

With the visit behind me, I finished out summer camp and went back to work in September. Since the school year started, I don’t work with my old group students but work more with the sixth graders. They are a handful, but they are kids so that’s to be expected.

In November, I started writing in NaNoWriMo, but sometime in the second week I abandoned the project due to writer’s block and lack of motivation. It sucks because I would have love to finish a story and have it published. It’s just my nerves get the best of me. However, I should be writing again pretty soon. I think 2018 will be the year to finally get my work out there.

So, 2018 I am ready! What do you have for me?


NaNoWriMo is here!

Hi friends,

So November is National Novel Writing Month and I am must say that I am super thrilled to be writing again. I have a month to finish my Lost Without You novel and I am so nervous!

I haven’t written anything solid for some time now and I feel like there is a possibility that I may not make my deadline. I had a disappointing time last night because all I managed to write was 200+ words, including some slight changes. But, I am happy that I had actually written something, rather than nothing at all.

Besides, I have some fellow writers who are also participating in NaNoWriMo, so they are the motivation that I need to keep me going. I am truly grateful for that.

I don’t have an easy task ahead of me, but I am willing to go the distance because I believe in this book and its story. (Despite the fact that I am making up as I go along.)

NaNoWriMo is an awesome thing and I hope to learn a lot while I am on this journey.

Take care, friends.


Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday, Friends:

Q: Are you excited for the weekend as much as I am? I hope you are. Sometimes it is hard to have enjoyment in the little things like having two days off, but I find it really good to get a couple of days off.

I was talking to a coworker and she said that she felt that the week had flew by. I agree, because it just felt like we where just back to work and now the week is gone. However,  am not complaining one bit.

This week began our book club at school and I was anticipating how it was going to go. It just so happens that I had all of my students in one session and it quickly went down hill once the students got together. I had a group that seemed to want to play around and not allow me to effectively do the icebreaker. As a result, I already know how this book club is going to go.

But I am determined to get things done as much as I can and call it a day. It can be really discouraging when you have all things planned accordingly and then something or someone comes and throws your plans out of wack.

Despite it all, I am and will enjoy my weekend.












I am back…sort of…I guess.

Hi friends,

Wow, I can’t believe that summer is over! I know it has been a few months since the last post. So much has happened.

I worked over the summer a new site. It wasn’t what I had expected. The experience really wasn’t all that great for me because I thought I would be doing more and instead I really didn’t do much. I wrote lessons that never got implemented and I was annoyed by that but, I guess it is what it is. I don’t think I would be working back there again next summer if I stay with the organization I am working with.

I also applied for a civil service exam to be taken in January. I am happy about that because I haven’t done one in a few years, despite never getting a call back from the last job I had applied for. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

In addition, I am planning to complete my Pieces of my Heart anthology at the end of the year. Maybe even self-publish it. It would be my first published work, so I am anxious to see if this will happen.

I also want to starting to learn to drive again. It has been a long time since I practiced and I want to begin taking lessons. Besides, it would be more convenient for me to get around, albeit more costly. But I am willing to get it done.

Oh, and I began taking karate this week!!!!!! I am super happy about that because I always wanted to do martial arts since I was a kid. I learned blocking, kicking and falling, but not in any particular order.

Other than that there hasn’t been much else going on besides what I have mentioned, but I will let you know as soon as anything changes.



And That’s All Folks…


It was the day that we all thought would ever come. *Cue suspenseful music *THE LAST DAY OF PROGRAM! YES!!!!!!!! (I am doing the Dance of Joy in my head.)


But all kidding aside, it was a strain, trying to drag myself into that place. Overall, I made it through.

Speaking of making it through, my Youth Council students did a tremendous job with the Middle School Blues skit. I think the kids enjoyed themselves despite being nervous to perform on stage. I was nervous for them and for myself. Since I was in a position to prove to my boss that I can do good work. I just need to be comfortable in my own space and work with kids I know I comfortable working with.

When it is a large group of kids, things tend to get out of hand and I spend more time trying to reprimand than doing my lesson.

Despite the anxiety, the End of the Year show was really good!

Step, dance, and drama really brought their A-game that day. It seems so long ago now, even though it was 15 days ago. (I guess that is long, isn’t?)

I wish I could say that I am going to relax, but I will be working summer camp this year. That means meeting brand new kids, staff and of course having fun.

I wonder what is in store for me at the new camp site? Hmm.