New Opportunity?

A friend of mine had invited me to an event out in the Bay Ridge part of Brooklyn this past evening. It was an internet-based venture with or Now, as time progressed I became somewhat skeptical of this venture. Maybe because it had something to do with the businesses that I let myself get suckered into.

After the event, I still felt skeptical about it. I see that my friend is very enthusiastic about it, but then again I think it has something to do with the chick that he’s trying to get with that works there. So, for him there’s some motivation. As for me, a currently unemployed writer with a shabby online clothing store, don’t really have much motivation to join the program. Especially, when you have to pay to get started. That usually turns me off. Giving up money that I don’t have for a business venture doesn’t really seem appealing to me, unless I was working and bringing in some kind of income.

I will tell my friend that the idea seems interesting, but I rather have a job as a backup plan before I spend $199.95 to apply.

So what do you guys think about too good to be true business ventures?


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