What Am I Listening To?

Skyfall/Adele poster.

Hi guys and gals,

I trust that everyone enjoyed their three-day weekend. Mine was so-so at best. Maybe next weekend would bring something good for me and mine.

Anyway, I had heard on the news a few days ago, that Adele was going to be singing the theme for the new James Bond movie ‘Skyfall.’ I must admit that I was very delighted when I heard the news that she would be doing a song to one of my favorite movie franchises, I was totally stoked. I mean, over the past few movies, I felt that the theme songs   sort of shied away from the original flow of the movies of back then.

However, when I heard the song ‘Skyfall,’ I was pleased. Adele did a wonderful job. She brought back the flow that I was missing from the Bond songs. I hope you guys take a listen to it. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

You can find the song on Adele’s website or on Youtube.

Happy listening.


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