Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk #2

Starting line at Prospect Park

The Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk at Prospect Park was an adventure to say the least. In my rush to get there I was the first one to arrive, by an hour that is. As far as I remembered, this was the first time in ages that I had actually went to Prospect Park. 

After I arrived, I found myself lost. I had no idea of where to go. In addition, the distance from where I gotten off the bus to where I was, I feel I must have made a mile. (Not that I am complaining.) I actually enjoy walking. A lot. Okay, a whole lot. 

I eventually found the registration tent (which was our meet up spot) and waited. I watched as the volunteers wearing green shirts began to enter the area followed by the NYPD Explorers group. I was curious about them but decided against asking them about their group. I was happy to be there looking at the sea of people, young and old, coming together for a great cause; trying to put an end to breast cancer.

Around 8:30, I called my friend to see if she was in the park. Which she wasn’t. Again, I had arrived too earlier and I was informed that one of other friends was freaking out because she couldn’t find the registration tent. I later received a call from her and told her where I was. We found each other (more like she found me) and chatted for a bit. We talked about our respective blogs, her son, and some of the outfits that we saw. One shirt stuck out for the both of us, “Kiss My Pink.” We both realized how naughty a joke that was and I kind of ruined the moment by saying a bad joke. After the awkward moment, the rest of our friends came, including our fearless leader, Schnelle. 

This year our group didn’t have any shirts but I repped my 2009 shirt (it’s also my favorite one). Eventually, all of us we’re together and tried to find the starting line. Apparently, the walk started in intervals, so rather than waste more time we jumped the walk and began walking. Once we got around the first mile, a group of guys walked passed and one of them shouted something obscene at one of our friends. It was decided quickly that this was the first and last time that we would be walking in Prospect Park. (Sorry Brooklyn I love you, but that was just too much for me on a Sunday morning.) We will be returning back to Central Park next year.

It was after this that we came across an arrow on a turn. We found a large amount of people and quickly realized that we made it near the starting/finish line. It was silly. Schnelle’s husband said we could turn around and go back and continue. I think at that point we looked at him as if he grew a second head and unanimously decided on getting some brunch instead. Our next task was trying to get the heck out of this park and to the French restaurant that Schnelle and Erin had picked. 

Le P’Tit Paris, is a nice restaurant in the Prospect Park area. When we arrived I must admit that I was a little nervous because all I had to my name was $20. Luckily, for me there was a $10 and $16 brunch. I had 14. (Bacon was an extra 4 bucks. Go figure. LOL.) We had some great conversation, we laughed a lot. Which was good for me because I hadn’t really had a good laugh as a while. I ordered Pain-Perdu (french toast with fruit salad). When our food came I was surprised how beautiful it looked. (I wish I had a picture to show you, but my phone battery was dying. If Schnelle posts the pictures, I would post them up, with their permission of course.) 

After, we ate ourselves silly we walked back to find the bus. We parted ways with Erin and Nakia and the rest of us hightailed on the B68 heading home. We talked some more, laughed some more. Overall, it was a good day. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Although, we didn’t complete the walk it was still a good time all around and I would gladly do it again. 

It’s good to be around great people. But the most important thing, is trying to find a cure for this disease. So please, get tested. It can make a difference.


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