My ‘Living Dead in Dallas’ Book Review

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse, #2)Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris My rating: 3 of 5 stars I finished reading “Living Dead in Dallas,” the second installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series. I must admit that it took me a really long time to read this one because I found Sookie to be rather boring at times. I what got to me was the constant complaining about her gift as a disability. I know that might seem like a silly reason to get annoyed with a character of a book, but she really annoyed me in this one. I won’t give any spoilers for those of you who hadn’t read the book yet, but I will say this: There was several things that I found rather interesting in this book. For instance, the final scene between Godfrey and Sookie…well that could have been done better. There was no emotion at all. A few tears and then it was “well, on our way back to the hotel.” That was rather lame in my opinion. Secondly, the final scene with the maenad at the orgy house. That was weak. So after all of that turmoil and Bill and Sookie take off to go and have sex? Yeah, let’s not talk about the fact that I just saw you about to give into Eric’s…um…charms. Seems that might be an issue. What I did enjoy was Eric’s interaction with Sookie. That was dead on. In fact, I wanted to see more of him than Bill. I heard Alexander Skarsgard every time he made an appearance. Overall, I liked the book, but I think Ms. Harris should have went into detail in certain areas where it was needed. View all my reviews


3 thoughts on “My ‘Living Dead in Dallas’ Book Review

  1. I must say I disagree. Her abilities is a hindrance on her life. She is unable to have a normal relationship because she can read the minds of normal men. Also it makes her a target for the vampires since *spoiler* she can somewhat read their thoughts and the thoughts of the two natured.

    As for the part with her and bill running off to have sex what would it be without the sex. Seemingly being with bill is her only source of relief in a world where everything seems to want a piece of her.

    Eric is the best character in book 2 since he really doesn’t change much. He is hard and cold but at the same time we see parts of him when it comes to Sookie that shows us that somewhere in that viking is a man that sees someone he wants.

    I think you will find the series more interesting as you read on. Great review


    • First of all, i want to say thank you for replying to my post. i was getting a tad worried that no one saw it. 🙂

      To start things off, I understand what you are saying. I actually do think Sookie has a hard time with her abilities, and she finds solace in the fact that when she is with either Bill or Eric she cant read their thoughts. The problem that I had was that she always seemed to look at her ‘disability’ as something bad. in a town full of supes, does she really need to act like she’s a weirdo?

      i think the second season of the show was waaay better than the book. i mean the whole reason why Lafayette was killed in the book and come to find out it was by essentially three nobodies (two of which were never even introduced on the show) was lame. i mean Mike Spencer really? killed Lafayette for saying he was going to tell everyone about the sexclub? meh. i was more interested in whether Sookie was going to give to Eric on top of the car. Eggs and Tara were duds in the book. Heck. i was even told that she didnt even exist in the book. but all of that is not the only issue i had with the book.

      Godfrey’s death opposite Godrick’s death in season 2 was lackluster. Sookie seems to cry for two minutes and hops back into the cab and goes back to the hotel. im like, “okay.” there was so much emotion onscreen then at that moment in the book.

      i dont know. call me crazy, but i feel the first book was better.


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