My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner @ my mother's.
Thanksgiving Dinner @ my mother’s.
It’s late in the morning, and I find myself not tired. Big surprise. But as I sat in front of the computer I realized that I never posted anything about my Thanksgiving. It was actually really nice. It was definitely a far cry from last year.

I had arrived at my mother’s house and she seemed really happy to see me. Not like most times, where she seemed annoyed by my presence. After I had arrived I found myself wishing that I had taken the bf’s advice and gotten up sooner so I could come over to help her. And trust me, she was very quick to utter the same words that I was thinking, “I thought you were coming to help me make Thanksgiving dinner?” I told her that I was reamed out about it already by my bf who had seemed to be living in his own Thanksgiving with some of his relatives.

I took off my coat and found my old room and put on a pair of slippers. I then made my way back to the kitchen and talked to my mother for a while. Her husband had been told that I was there. I said my “hellos” but that was more or less the extent of my conversation with him. Eventually, the three of us ate, but I wished that it was just my mother and I to be honest. I miss those days. A LOT. But I digress.

The food was on point. I enjoyed it but I think my eyes were more hungry than my stomach because I couldn’t even finished the plate. No big surprise there. But it was a valiant effort.

There isn’t much left to say. Just know that there were laughs shared and I really enjoyed my mother’s company. Haven’t in a really long time. I think that was what I needed.


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