A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Remembering Sandy Hook

The names of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

It is hard to believe that this Friday marks a week that 27 lives were lost. I still can’t believe that this happened.

You know, we all heard stories like this before, but it doesn’t change the impact that it has on each and every one of us. I still can’t grasp why this happened myself. I find it hard to think about anything else, aside from these lives that were taken away for no apparent reason.

I am not a parent, but I can’t even begin to fathom how the parents that lost a child that day are going through. It leaves an ache in your throat just thinking about the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and those children and the adults who killed aren’t going to be spending the holidays with their families again.

You think sending your child to school, to better his or herself, to become a future President of the United States or an educator; you are trying to help them grow and something so senseless happens. School is supposed to make you feel safe, its a place where you make memories, meet new friends that become life long friends. You graduate and move on, taking with you the knowledge that you picked up along the way.

This is a tragedy. How can we as a country protect these children from any other attacks such as this? What measures need to be taken for people to understand that we need to keep these children as safe as possible and hope to prevent incidents like this from happening again?

With that being said, I hope President Obama takes on stricter gun control laws. It is time that both parties stop their foolishness and work together to help stop things like this from happening ever again. It could have been their children and I would think that they would want to do something about this.

I can’t stress this enough! We need to support each other and do what is necessary. Sign petitions, march, protest at the Capital. Do something so that our children can live. ImageThese senseless killings have to stop. Parents shouldn’t have to live in fear of sending their children off to school would be the last time they see them alive. I just hope that with this new term, the President can put pressure on the Republicans about gun control. America is becoming a warzone and something has to be done.

Finally, it is important to remember the victims. Oftentimes, the animals that commit these crimes become glorified through the media. So much time spent focused on what made them commit the crimes that they did. I think Morgan Freeman was right. Media has a huge part to play in terms of these individuals. Remember the victims, remember their names, know who they are. That is what is important here.


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