Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #23: Security, Security!

Sign Looking for a JobHi guys,

First of all, I would like to thank you all for partaking this journey with me. I would like to think that we have grown a little closer since the beginning. 🙂 So it really means a lot to me that you have stuck in there with me. Through the good and not so good times. So I am forever grateful for that.

Without any further ado, I have some news for you. Now, don’t get too excited. I had wanted to share this with you last week, however the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary happened. I felt that it was in bad taste to share some good news while the news coverage was going on about it. It’s a time and place for everything and that wasn’t the right time to say anything. At least, that’s what I thought.

After much procrastination and practically stalking the director of the Goodwill/Back to Work program, Ms. Perry, I attained my 8 and 16 hour security guard certificates on Friday!!!!!!

After the whole class passed the tests, we were told by the gentlemen at Omni Solutions to come in Monday and Tuesday to get placement with a security company. Unfortunately, for me and the rest of the Brooklyn crew (half the class was from the Bronx location and the other half was from Brooklyn) had to settle for a call back in two weeks from Honor Security.  In addition, I was told by one of gentleman, Derek that since the Brooklyn Goodwill was closing down, they couldn’t help me because they didn’t know where everyone was being placed currently. But he did encourage me to keep in touch and to look into security companies in the meantime.

I would have been psyched about it,

but they promised that they would have paid for us to get fingerprinted and get our state license. Now, i have to come directly out of pocket with that. 😦

I swear if there isn’t one thing, it’s another. Sheesh. I have to wait to be placed in another job program. Which probably won’t happen until after New Years.

Oh, before I forget to tell you guys…a job that I went to interview for a few weeks with Update Inc. Well, I didn’t get it. I thought I had it, but I guess she didn’t like what she heard. Oh well, can’t look back on that. What matters is that I keep myself busy with looking for work. That’s all that matters right now.  And I passed my Post Office Exam. So far I haven’t heard anything about coming in for an interview, but I am hopeful. Something will turn up.

Until then, I shall see you next time. And if you guys don’t get one last post from me before the holidays, I want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday!



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