Road Trip to Connecticut

Connecticut State FalgEarly last month, my mother and I took a trip to Connecticut. So, I hopped into the minivan and then we were off. That day we were going to pick up her husband after work, so he could come back to New York to buy a car in Suffolk County.

As we drove up to the Jackie Robinson Expressway, she contemplated picking up my grandfather and true to form she kept driving. Sometimes it amazes me how funny she can be.  We talked about various things and listened to some old school music. I hadn’t felt this good in a while. I was psyched about this trip, even though I was still recovering from the effects of the Red Bull Thre3Style just hours prior. I was still tired but I was determined to take the trip.

On the way there, we passed the exit 19 for Rye Playland. The Playland park is an amusement park that my mom used to take me when I was a child. I smiled as I remembered going there and seeing dance performers and live performances of singers of the 50’s and 60’s. There was an annual celebration of the radio station WCBS FM. And when I wasn’t busy with watching the live show, I was either on the bumper cars or eating a juicy Philly cheese steak or taking a nice ride on the lake or riding the horses.

Soon we drove through Stanford. Home of the World Wrestling Entertainment or better known as WWE HQ. The flag bellowed in the wind. However, I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but the a picture good enough to capture the sign on the building. At this time, I felt more like a sight seer. Especially, since my mother kept telling to take a picture of this and a picture of that.

I had taken pictures of a wharf and a sign called Honeyspot Road. I thought this was funny since, the term honeyspot is referred to a vagina. In addition, it didn’t help things either because there is a motor in with the same name.

I took a picture of a lighthouse that was high on a hill. It was kind of hard to see it with the naked eye, but if you squint really hard you just might see it.

Aside from driving in a car for two hours, the reality sets in when you realize that you can lose feeling in your butt. But hey, when you have a seat that can keep your butt warm, it is hard for you to stay awake. 🙂

We also realized that driving on the I-91, that is one of the longest stretch of highway ever! It was like it never wanted to end. Finally, at 12ish we were in Downtown Hartford where I took a picture of the city skyline. Then a picture of the Governor’s mansion where Gov. Dan Malloy resides.

For a city, Downtown Hartford looks very much like your average New York City streets. In fact, there is an Albany Avenue there. The section we where in the streets need to be paved over (I am sorry citizens of CT, but it is true).

While we waited for him to get off from work, we went shopping in a mall a town over. While we were there we bought my grandmother a new phone and myself a new coat and a few snacks and bracelets.

My mom asked me, “Are you hungry?”

I said, “Yeah.” So, she gave me a choice of eateries. There was a restaurant that she likes, and a pizza shop in another town over in Windsor. I told her that I wanted to try their pizza since, she had so much to say about it. We got into the car and headed to Windsor township. Wilson Pizza Palace is a nice and quaint pizzeria. Once we went inside I noticed that the owner kept staring at us.

But quickly realized that he knew my mother and her husband. I used the bathroom, which meant in my mother’s view that she didn’t need to order without me. (?) I came back and she said that she wanted to order a small pie with broccoli with pineapple and green paper (Eww) and pepperoni on the other side (care to guess whose side that was?)

While we were sitting down waiting for the pizza, it began to snow, but the flurries didn’t last long. The pizza finished and carried our hungry selves back to the car and began to pig out. The pizza was soooo good. My mom had turned to me while driving and said that this was a snack and not to tell him that we ate, so we could eat something later.

We stopped by another mall. We pulled up to a Family Dollar store where I got a new book bag with a hat and faux Chuck Taylor’s. This was bought after I chucked the pizza box in a garbage can in the store. (I couldn’t afford to leave any evidence behind.) My mom told him that she needed more money to get somethings that she wanted. He showed up after we put everything back in the car and walked back to the store.

Man, we had so much fun and laughed at how silly we were being. Later on after we picked him up, we stopped by McDonald’s. Let me tell you guys something. New York McDonald’s is lame. This Mickie D’s had Cherry pie and vanilla/blueberry scones. I was like, “What?” I couldn’t believe that we were missing out on some good stuff in New York.

Unfortunately, our journey ends with us driving back home at night. I really don’t want to bore you guys with the details of me falling asleep and the like.

I will post up the pictures in the gallery section as soon as I can.

Until Next Time!


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