Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #24

So….*twiddles thumbs* I am still looking for work. It seems that trying to get into the Security Guard career, may not be for me. I couldn’t find a job that didn’t require me to have my state license. As it stands, I may have to hurry up my job search. The reason for that is that I believe that my father is leaving to go back to his native country of Barbados, and I want leave before that happens. As a result, I spoke to my boyfriend’s sister and informed her that I was looking for work. I told her that I had interest in working at the community center that I have been frequenting for the past few months. So, she gave me an address to apply in the city. So that is definitely on my list of to-do’s. In addition, I have increased my Monster and Careerbuilder job search. In fact, I had just received a call last week about a job interview in Staten Island. I had changd the interview date from this Monday to the 1st of April, so I could give myself enough time to prepare. As for the job program, I never received a letter from them after all this time. It is really annoying because I don’t have the money needed to get around for job interviews. But I guess I have to take the good with the bad. Sometimes, I wonder what really drives me to keep going on this quest? I sometimes think I am a glutton for punishment or is that I have that tenacity to not give in to my failures and keep pushing forward. My quest for a job/career has taken me done an interesting path. A path that never disappoints. There is always a surprise somewhere along the way. I think that’s what makes it intriguing. There’s always something, a hurdle to jump over or a bridge to cross. ~Until next time.


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