I Am Human Part 2

….and like that, the saga continues.

The guy and I were back at each other’s throats like two animals released from our proverbial cages.

I found myself immersed in yet another battle with this guy. And just like last time it was over something so stupid. This time I was hoping to go for the passive route, but when I implied that the argument was ‘weak’, he thought that I said that he was weak.

Apparently, the mistake I made was asking him if he were attending a wrestling party at someone’s house. I am not sure if I was aggressive to him when I asked, (I asked because I was planning on attending the party with my boyfriend and I didn’t want any issues at the gathering) but it appeared that I struck a nerve and he spoke of making sure that my boyfriend wouldn’t get the opportunity to speak to him.

During this time, I was running on empty and I found myself weary of his chest beating and told him that he needn’t worry about him. But as I have learned in the past, when someone is stubborn an and have their mind set on something, it is very difficult for them to see anything but what they deem to be truth.

Now, as you are probably thinking, because believe me, I have thought about it myself. WHY?

Why the hell did this online foolishness continue? To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a fight. I just wanted to try to keep some level of peace. However, to no avail.

Shortly, after my ‘weak’ comment, he blocked me again for about three weeks. That was until about a week before the wrestling party. You see, we are both members of an online wrestling fan group, so for some reason, he unblocked me. I thought maybe he wanted to see what I was saying in the group or wanted to take pot shots and me through my inbox.

And the funny thing about it is, the person who part of this crap was about had deactivated her profile. Lol. I guess the joke was on me. Whatever.

The sad thing about this is that I have spoken to him two to three times since then. It wasn’t about what the argument was pertaining to, but a misunderstanding and about being added into other Facebook group and is co-run by the host of the wrestling party and this guy.

I personally don’t understand why I even bother with him. Its not as though I owe him anything. Especially, since he said that I was bad as the company I kept. I particularly don’t see why I should care about this guy’s opinion. I always felt that I was a good person, not perfect. Flawed, but a decent enough person.

Like I said before, in my previous post about this subject. I am human and I make mistakes. But I will add this…it is alright to make them as long as you learn from them. That’s how you grow or evolve. Or what word you want to choose.

I am done with this guy and all the drama that has occurred involving him. I like living a peaceful life and I can’t do that with being around or interacting with him or anyone like him for that matter. What good is life if its always full of anger and hatred and endless and pointless arguments?

Lesson learned. 🙂

Click here for the Part 1


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