Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #25: Selling Insurance, Not My Thing

Alright. Before I begin, I want to make a disclaimer to anyone who works in the insurance business that this entry is by no means a personal attack on what you do for a living, so please do not get offended.

….and so the quest continues…..

Earlier this month, I had a job interview at Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company. Prior to the interview, I had received a call from a woman named Joelle. She said that she found my resume online and it was very impressive. Keyword: impressive. She never said where she had found it. She told me the name of the company and eventually said she wanted me to come in for an interview. Joelle said that they were in located in Staten Island and I should arrive 15 minutes before.

Now, I must admit that I have no experience in selling insurance. I have a clerical background and have experience working in a law firm. But I was willing to give a try. So, I went off and did my research on the company. It seemed to be on the up and up.

On the day of the interview, I had gotten directions. The problem was that the directions were fine, up until I found myself in the middle of Staten Island with zero help from the company that I was supposed to be on the interview with. Their customer service was crap. I wondered why would someone call to confirm an appointment and you can’t even bother to give them directions? That’s a no-no.

So after calling Joelle multiple times, I gave up. During this time, I called my guy to see if he knew a way to get there. He told me that it would take me an additional hour and I was already pressed for time. In addition, he went on to say that Bankers had many complaints, from clients and former employees.

After I got home, I furthered my research and found many dissatisfied people. Many accused the company of trying to steal money from them to suggesting the earnings former employees made were loans and were to be given back to Bankers as soon as possible to avoid court proceedings or a mark on their credit report. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The mere concept that this company was robbing the elderly out of their savings and their ability to capitalize on the death of a loved one made me sick!

Then after all of that, Joelle had the nerve to call me and reschedule an appointment with me via email, although I had refused to return her call or email. I blocked her from sending me any further emails. In addition, the calls have stopped. I would like to think that I dodged a bullet with these people.

Now, this situation probably could have been avoided if I had asked the proper questions. 1) where did you see my resume? 2)how much is the training program? (Personally, I don’t think that anyone should have to pay a company for training, if the company is supplying the training.)

It would be easier to avoid red flags if I had just taken the time to ask more questions, and the right ones at that. For any job interview, do your homework. If the company/organization has a website, do research. Use the search engine to look for complaints and reviews. Now, I am fully aware that there are going to be negative complaints regardless of how well a company performs. Its about making the right decisions on whether or not  the job will be the right fit for you.

As I mentioned before, this was in no way an attack on anyone who works in insurance. I think its great that there are people out there who can understand and explain what insurance is, probably way better than I ever could. You guys rock!

But I will conclude, if you ever get a call from Bankers Conseco Life Insurance, do not waste your time or your money. If you lack experience in selling insurance and they tell you that your resume is impressive, don’t fall for it. They seem to be scamming folks out of their money, so they get fill their pockets. That’s not something I  have an interest in.

So, I still continue my quest. Next time, I will talk about me obtaining my MOS certification.

Until we meet again.


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