Bottomless Closet Annual Clothing Sale/Shopping On A Budget

On April 20, 2013 marked the Bottomless Closet annual clothing event. My friend Melanie who works for Bottomless Closet had invited me to a


ttend. The event is where women can buy clothes for very low prices from the top name brand stores, such as Victoria’s Secret and so on.

I arrived shortly before the event began. Well at least I thought I did when I was told that those who have an appointment had first dibs at the clothes. I texted Mel who had brought her mother along. This was the first time that I met Mel’s mom and I must say that she is hilarious! Normally, I freeze up when when meeting someone’s parents, but I could be myself around her. We laughed at a few pieces of clothing that I knew couldn’t fit me. But it was fun to see Mel tossing shirts and hoodies at me as if she was a machine. It reminded me of those moview where the fashion guy/girl takes the plain Jane protagonist and saddle them with a pile of clothes to try on or buy.

After a hour and a half of shopping til I nearly dropped. I bought several shirts and some jewelry, the total came up to $21! It was awesome. After we left and grabbed some food. Then we did more  shopping. This time we shopped in Conway. After a three year search for the perfect leggings, I finally found three pairs that fit! I don’t know about you, but I get discouraged if I can’t find clothing in my size. I just leave the store feeling like there’s nothing for me. However, I lucked out that day. Mel was nice enough to give me a few color choices so my outfits wouldn’t have the basic look.

After a few hours of shopping we went home. It was a fun day. But the most important thing is learning to bargain shop, which was something I haven’t done before.

If you or someone you know are in need of some business attire, interview preparation or other services, please visit the Bottomless Closet website at: The Bottomless Closet.


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