Quest To Getting Back On My Horse #26: Obtaining My MOS Certification

Hey guys,

Welcome to yet another installment of ‘Quest to Getting Back On My Horse.’ At the end of the last ‘quest’ I spoke about me obtaining my MOS certification. I began taking classes for the certification at Opportunities For a Better Tomorrow last month. The first week of June concludes the course. At the end of class I will be taking two tests. One for the Micrsoft Office Specialist and the other test is for Customer service from the National Retail Federation. Personally, I don’t really feel that the latter is revelant because in an office setting, you are doing some level of customer service at various points. But I digress. If the program feels that taking the test is essential in my obtaining employment then so be it.

I am glad that I am taking these classes because it give me something to do. It helps me prepare again for the work force and what it has to offer. In addition, it enhances my hard and soft skills. Which I can admit needed some tweaking.

During the class session, my instructor was replaced by another. It was kind of disappointment because the first instructor…we had some things in common. I could talk to him about computer-based things like torrents and talk about Korean musicians. But he felt that it was time to move on and left rather abrutly. But before he left he gave me his email address to contact him.

I am really looking forward to getting my certifications and hoping to improve myself in the process. I feel that it is a step in the right direction. Ever since I was started classes I have been feeling a lot better about myself and looking more at the positive side of things. And I think I can use some thing positive in my life.

~Until We Meet Again


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