Quest to Getting Back On My Horse #31: How to cope with losing your job unexpectantly?


This post is different from the ones I normally write. I have always been the focus of these quests, but this time it is different.

This post is about one of my relatives losing his job.

I guess his quest began when he was an owner of a die business in New York City. Around 2008, his business was having financial trouble so he took on a second job working at a nightclub. Eventually, his business folded and he maintained his job working for this nightclub.

He realized that soon that he wasn’t making as much as when he had his business, but it was something that would help pay his rent.

As the economy continued to get worse, he struggled and struggled to make ends meet. He always fancied himself as a man who worked with his hands, so that’s all he knew.

Fast forward to 2012: rumors of the club closing emerged. He kept thinking he had enough time to quit his job once he found another one, but this wasn’t to be the case.

After months of the rumors, the club closed down in November of last year, ahead of their final deadline which was set to be January 2014. This left him and all of his co workers out with jobs, while the boss hightailed it out New York to sunny Florida.

This meant December rent was due, no income, and no assistance. Coupled with sudden loss of his job, he became extremely depressed. He would talk about it every day, repeating the words “I can’t believe this happened to me.” Which was usually followed by a few expletives and him constantly shaking his head in disbelief.

I already knew what he was going through, so when he told me that I didn’t understand, I was shocked. I knew exactly what he was going through, just my ending was slightly different. I was fired, but I didn’t see it coming at all.

I spent months trying to deal with what happened. I went over the scenario over in my mind a thousand times, that I made myself sick. Worrying myself caused me to age physically. I didn’t look like me anymore. I stopped caring about my wellbeing. Which brought on the worse case of insomnia I’ve ever had. To this day I still suffer from and its been 3+ years since I lost that job.

So I knew too well how a loss of a job can affect/effect you.

What I saw in him I saw in myself. We both didn’t plan for a worst case scenario. We kept putting it off. I think we were both in denial. Like we were invincible, nothing they did can touch us. However, we are not gods. I see that now.

When losing a job, I don’t care how much it hurts, always have a back up plan. Never leave yourself without a leg to stand on.

Now as for him, he finds himself going to job programs and dealing with what the agencies tell him. I think things will work out for him. I have faith.

And I think my Daddy does too.

~Until Next Time~


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