What To Write About? #3: Finding The Time to be Creative

As the the first week of March comes to a close, I sit here and I find myself trying to come up with something to write about. I really dislike the feeling of rambling like a madwoman, but when I don’t know What to do with myself, I tend to go down the path of a rambling madwoman.


As you may know, I have started writing my stories again a few weeks ago. I had set a goal for myself of writing at least 5 to ten pages every Saturday. However, my goal quickly became something of a joke when I couldn’t find the inspiration to write anything, or when something preoccupied my time and therefore I couldn’t fit my ‘me’ time into my own schedule.

So I guess this post is about finding the right time to do something fun.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore writing, but with work coupled with health issues sometimes I don’t have the energy or time to sit down and come up with anything.

How to fix the problem:

Well, I was thinking of proposing another challenge to myself. Come up with a writing exercise and give myself a deadline. It seems only fair, right?

If I push myself enough, I’m sure that I can pull off a written work in a few days.

I will keep you guys posted on my progress.

~Until we meet again

~Until We Meet Again


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