IDI Weekly Roundup #1

Hi all,

Welcome to my Weekly Roundup. Here I will showcase events over the course of the week. So I want to ask, how was your weekend?

I hope your weekend was enjoyable.
My weekend wasn’t as enjoyable, but I can’t complain. During the weekend, I finished writing a graphic novel called Drama by Raina Telgemeier. It was an okay read. My students seem to enjoy it a lot and I am thrilled. I think I have found a book that my kids can relate to and that’s what is important in educating the youth.

Earlier in the week I suffered a work related injury. One of my students accidentally knocked a chair off the table and it smacked me right in my shin bone. The pain was excruciating. So as I was trying to hide my tears, my student started crying and I tried to console her.

She told that she was sorry and that she didn’t want anything to happen to me and that she loved me. What made me feel so happy was that she stayed to make sure that I was okay. I thought that was beautiful. Here I was in pain and I’m trying to make sure that she was alright. And that means the world to me.

On Wednesday, my coworkers and I visited another middle school. We met with the three tutors that work there-this was our first intervisit for the MS Extra program. Overall, it was a nice. I was glad to see how other tutors deal with issues like disruptive behavior, which is something I have been battling for the past 6 months. I guess it comes part of the territory of being an educator.

After the meet and greet, I decided to meet up with my other co workers from school to see how their day went and boy did I get an ear full. After I spoke to them I was firm in my belief that we, I mean tutors and the like don’t have a great support system at the school, but I digress.

The week pretty much ended with the usual stress and strain from the job coupled with the need of wanting to vacate the premise as soon as possible.

Overall, the week had its highs and lows but I managed to see it through and live to see another week.

~Until We Meet Again


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