IDI Weekly Roundup #2: My first school Intervisitation

Hi and welcome.

First of all, I would like to wish you a happy Friday! TGIF!

To begin, my week started off with one of my students telling me that another student was harassing her. I quickly found myself going into protective mood, because I am particular fond of her. She has told the staff about the situation and I am assuming that it is being handled accordingly.

On Tuesday, I attended a staff meeting based on how to come up with solutions on how to handle disruptive students. Although, I don’t mind doing most of the things that were mentioned, however I do feel that some tactics fail to work and others are just too illogical.

But the next day, all hope of making some of the changes went out the window like a paper airplane. However, the program ran a lot smoother than it did the week before. So, cooler heads had prevailed.

Thursday and Friday saw had me on edge. Both days we had visitors from the program. The first visit went rather well. However, members of my group took it upon themselves to act up in front of the visitors which left me feeling rather embarrassed. Especially, since I had given them reminders all week long. But my reminders obviously fell on deaf ears.

By the end of the day, I was just hoping that I could just escape without anyone noticing, but I’m not that lucky. Instead, I joined my coworkers and we walked and talked our way to the bus about the day and how we glad that the week was over.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working with my students, but sometimes they have an ability to almost drive you insane. But that’s natural. You just have to remind yourself that these are children and they are children first. Trying to implement rules and getting resistance is part of the job.

The events of Friday taught me that I have to push harder and try my best with them.

~Until We Meet Again


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