IDI Weekly Roundup #4: Exams, Exams and more Exams!

This week was ELA exam week for my students. Exams were from Tuesday through Thursday. So this our class workload was rather light. My kids tried to work on their final projects for our last book, but as usual we ran out of time.

While my students were testing, I decided to take the time to fill out an application for a retail store. I realized that with things becoming increasingly hard at home, I felt that getting another job would be the best solution.  However, when I spoke to the store manager, my schedule may cause a problem. My schedule at the school is locked in and can’t be changed. Therefore, there is no flexibility.

Flexibility is definitely something I need right now. I thought that if I worked around my school hours I could make up the lost hours from an 8 hour workload. But, if things don’t workout I guess I’ll find something else to make up the time. All I need is drive and determination.

And speaking of drive and determination: these were two words I used when I was asked what was my vision for the program?

I think the program (the after school program) can grow if we are consistent with the students. Giving them reason to believe in themselves. Which some of them appear to doubt themselves a lot.

Sometimes, I wonder if these exams they are taking are making any difference at all? But I don’t think it’s mainly test taking that’s the issue. Its the students themselves.

I just hope that with more exams on the way that it doesn’t take away the fact that they are still kids and they need to relax every now and then. 

~Until We Meet Again


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