IDI Weekly Roundup #5: School’s Out, Time For a Fashion Show

The beginning of the week saw some of the general same old, same old. The one group of students completed their Capstone project, whereas the second group did not. That was rather disappointing to me because the student who put in the most effort doing the project had injured himself prior to coming to class so he was absent for the remainder of the week.

And since my book club is behind, I couldn’t spend any more time on it then we already had.

The highlight of the week was when one of my students said something offensive about me while conducting class. I wasn’t going to internalize what she said, but I did. I stopped class to address the issue.

Her attitude changed when she realized that I wrote down what she said and was going to call her home. After talking with her, I told her that I was going to give her one more chance and if she messed up I was going to call home.

On Thursday, she improved tremendously. I don’t know if it had something to do with the fact that she knew if she got in trouble then she couldn’t go to an event her mother was taking her. She was very helpful. She even told me she was going to get me a muffin from cooking class.

It was good to see her more interactive with me and her class in a positive way. That really made me smile.

Friday, she slipped up a bit, but I was able to gain control over the situation and not let it go overboard. I didn’t let my anger get to me but talk to her in a patient tone. Which I realized that I hadn’t been using my calm voice in for a very long time.

I had spent so much time getting upset with her that I no longer took the time to see the problems she was having with class and with myself. It was a real eye opener for me.

After work, I attended the A Night of Glamour: Bryant Park @City Tech Fashion show. This was a first for me. I had so much fun watching the models work the catwalk. And it didn’t hurt having my friend and co worker, Abby, owner of Munstruck Company invite me to see her line on display. For my review on the fashion show, go to my sister page: The Genesis Jones Lounge.

I can’t wait until the next show.

~Until We Meet Again


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