IDI Weekly Roundup #6: Spring Break!

As Easter approaches and so is the conclusion of my vacation. I feel sad that my vacation if coming to an end, But I must admit that I do miss my students and their antics.

Speaking of work, my week started with my attending a boutique. I didn’t get everything I was hoping for, however I did get some things that I needed. On Tuesday, I had a work related meeting that left me feeling rather excited and very hopeful for the future of our students. Wednesday brought more learning. I had another meeting on how to conduct our classrooms. I learned some really helpful tips on how to engage our students without making the classroom too boring and predictable. And being predictable is not a good thing. When it comes to children. They like variety. After all they do deserve to have a plethora of activities to keep them interested in the work. On the other hand, it isn’t always about work. Sometimes they need some relaxation. And speaking of…

The rest of the week was all about rest and relaxation for me.  There was no Cancun, no beaches, no Sun and definitely no palm trees. It was just me and my bed and my android phone. (Hey, I know what your thinking…pathetic, right?) I have been playing catch up with my favorite television shows and posting on my blogs. Sometimes I find doing less is more. I like keeping it simple. With that being said, let me know how is your vacation going.

So how is your spring break so far? Do you have any Easter plans? Are you eager to get back to work?

~Until We Meet Again


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