IDI Weekly Roundup #7: Back To Work and Dining with an Old friend

Ah, it’s a brand new week. We went back to work on Wednesday. It was only a three day work week so there isn’t much antics to share. However I will say that I got in touch with an old college friend and we hung out over the weekend.

I hadn’t seen Jenna in about 8 years, so when she sent me an instant message on Facebook, I could pass up the chance. So we met up at Whiskey Tavern in the Chinatown and from there we went to Vanessa’s Dumpling House.

I must tell you that this place has the best dumplings I have ever tasted. And their sesame pancakes are delicious!

While we ate, we played catch up. I think we both realized that it had been really too long since we last saw each other I was in my last year of college. I had went on to work in a law firm a year later.

But Jenna and I never lost a beat. We talked about the class we had the Times we used to eat at Burger King. I told her that I was working with kids in Queens and I was still enjoying my life with my boyfriend.

After we left Vanessa’s, we decided to walk towards 14th street. We could have taken the train, but it was my idea to take the walk. While we were walking, we noticed some wall art and took photos. (The photos will be posted later.) After we left Vanessa’s, in addition to the wall art we stumbled upon the Kitty Cafe. Purina was hosting an event to adopt a feline. They had a truck parked on the side of the cafe and you can see the cats. One lady had adopted a cat and the cat didn’t seem to thrilled to be inside the box, because it was screaming and poking it’s pair through the holes in the box. We laughed and went on our way.

As we continued on, she told me that she wanted to take me to Forbidden Planet. I only went to Forbidden Planet once or twice and in those times, it was a lifetime ago.

But first we went to the Strand (this was our first meeting place, but because my job is too far we postponed the trip to that Saturday). I haven’t been in a bookstore in some time and the smell of paper awakened me. I realized that just then, living a world with the world wide web, countless retail stores and fast food joints, certain things like a bookstore, in my opinion have become a rare commodity. (Barnes & Noble aside.)

While we were there I bought a bag and a bookmark to commemorate the event. (I know this may seem a little silly to Some, but I do enjoy the simplest things.) After we looked around for a bit, we went to Forbidden Planet next door.

This place is a Mecca for everything geeky. And I love it! I saw a few comic books that I’ve read and some novelty items that I wish I could buy. Jenna had bought some stuff too.

Overall it was a great day, despite the rain and it was a pretty cool way to spend a Saturday.

So if you have nothing to do on your weekends, take a trip over to the Strand and enjoy yourself and get lost in a book for a few hours.

~Until We Meet Again


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