IDI Weekly Roundup #8: Rain, Rain, Rain. Go away!

The week began on it’s usual note. The students had exams again, so they were exhausted. By midweek, they were showing fatigue due to the exams. So typically, they come into the room feeling like they don’t want to do any work.

The students however, did do some work, but nothing could prepare me for what waited for me at home.

The next morning, (Thursday) I arrived to find the apartment flooded. So I called out if work and told them that I had to clean up. Apparently, the massive rain storm we had the previous day had made its way into our apartment. I spent the whole day putting the water in a bucket and dumping it in the backyard. At the end of it all, my back was in excruciating pain.

I could barely move. But I rested and still made it into work the next day against my better judgment. By Friday evening, it was taking everything in my power not to fall down in the street. But thanks to more rest, I am feeling much better.

So I guess the point to this is to don’t take on more than you are able to handle….a lesson that I struggle to this day. Hopefully one day I will learn my lesson soon. Only time will tell.

~Until We Meet Again


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