IDI Weekly Roundup #14: Guided Reading Comes to an End

Hey all,

I am back with another roundup. I hope you all are enjoying this weather. Although, my friend Melanie is probably sitting at her desk cursing the warm temps right about now. I, on the other hand, don’t share her sentiment for the cold weather. Especially, not after the winter we had. Nope. Not me. Lol.

Speaking of the weather, it’s almost time to say goodbye to my students until the fall. For the whole week, I tried to keep my nerves under control. I think I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was going to miss them, which I am. So when I bought in pizza for them, which was a first, I knew that it was definitely the end of Guided Reading. I think the students needed a break from me and I needed a break from them.

It has been a rollercoaster of an experience, but it had some fun too. From loom bands to the latest dance craze, these students have done it all.

When I walked into the building and into my classroom to secure the food, I was thinking if it was going to be too much or too little? However, these kids have proven that as long as it’s something they like and it’s edible, they will devour it with the greatest of ease.

The groups seemed to enjoy themselves, which is what I really wanted.

I will miss my time with my students and I hope they have a wonderful summer!

~Until We Meet Again


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