IDI Weekly Roundup #15: Wrap up/Celebration

So this week marked the conclusion of the after school program. The week began with me working outside of my tutor role. I had asked the Program Director if it was okay for me to come in since tutoring had ended the previous week. She was more than happy to oblige. I was in charge of having the students make posters for the upcoming Shining Star Celebration show that was taking place that Wednesday. The posters came out good despite some of the kids weren’t too thrilled about doing it. The day went by smoothly…at least that was until I received a call that changed everything. But I will get to that later.

The day of the show, I went to give in my support for the work that the staff and students had done since January. The show was really good…some students performed a dance, some had debates, others performed a scene, and some recognized the Shining Star Staff. And the show ended with an awesome fashion show.

And let me tell you Abby, the Fashion Trend teacher rocked the heck out of the celebration. It was definitely an awesome moment.

On Thursday, was the Staff versus Students basketball game. At least it was supposed to be but since we were short of staff, one of our students participated and it was a great game. I have to give my props to Mr. Collins for putting on a wonderful competition. It was a really close game the kids played.

Then came more pizza, the celebration ended today with my Regional Coordinator, who was kind enough to bring pizza for the Guided Reading students. The students seemed to be enjoying themselves and that’s all that really matters.

I’m going to really miss the students, but you guys already know that.

For more info on Abby and her fashions, please visit: Munstruck Comp.

Also you can check out my review on a show Abby’s designs were featured in at my sister blog Genesis Jones Lounge

~Until We Meet Again


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