Quest to Getting Back on My Horse #32: A small bump in the road

Hi everyone,

Welcome. Its been a while since my previous quest post. The reason for that is I really hadn’t had much to say. However, my work situation was briefly interrupted this week, when I learned that I had to seize my working eith kids because I had (seemingly) applied to work in the summer. I found this out in Monday, after I already worked that day. So for three days, on the Thursday I was cleared.

I am not sure, why this happened at the most inopportune time, but im glad that I was still able to get paid for my work on Thursday and Friday. So for two days I sat on ice, thinking about what I should do next.

As far as I was concerned, I never did anything to jeopardize my students safety. And I didn’t understand the purpose of another background check from the after school program because the job I applied for had nothing to do with them.

What I do know is that in the world we live in, we cant take the chance of entrusting our children with just anyone. And with so many evils  that exist in this world coupled with news stories about children, I understand why background checks are needed.

I am just grateful that I can get the opportunity to work with my students. And I cant wait to see how the summer job is going to turn out.

~Until We Meet Again


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