IDI Weekly Roundup #16: Food, Drink and something new…

Hi Everyone,

It’s Saturday and I am feeling pretty good. This week was chunk full of fun. On Monday, I started my training for Summer Camp. At the meeting I met my new boss and my new co-workers. They seemed pretty nice and I can’t wait to start work with them. I learned a lot of valuable information on how to conduct yourself with children. Some of the things were contrast to how I have approached my students in the guided reading sessions. However, I had to leave early so I could attend a dinner hosted by our after school program. It was a restaurant called the Bayhouse Bar and Grill.

The dinner and the conversation was really nice. I arrived late do to the fact that the training location was literally on the other side of Queens. So I had about an hour travel time. We took pictures at the end. Sadly, some of the members of the group are not coming back in the fall. It sucks, but people have to do what’s best for them. We said our goodbyes, knowing that we would see each other the next day. And for some that was the last time.

The next day, I was back at work. This was officially my last day on the job. It was good. I stayed for the awards ceremony the school had for the students. It was really nice to see the kids get rewarded for their achievements in their academics. It was a rough year, but the school, teachers, students, and the MS ExTra staff managed to survive. And I’m sure we all bare the scars to prove it. All in all it was a great way to wrap up the first year for QUMS. It was a privilege working there.

Wednesday: I was back to training and learning about community agreements and what consequences stem from violating the agreements. This essential to how the instructor talks to the students. It is designed to not embarrass the student in front of their classmates, but to talk to them privately about how their actions are effecting the classroom. In addition, I will be taking part in a Creative Writing course for the first time ever. I and my co-teacher created a PBL, so we have an outline of things that we would be covering with the children over the 7-week program. It was a very insightful training.

On Thursday, I emptied out my locker at school and brought all my stuff home. It was cool to see some of the school staff again, but I was on a mission to get my stuff and be on my way. Especially, since I was trying to get it down from the week prior, but couldn’t because of laziness and missed opportunities.

Friday: I attended a mass training session in Queens. It seemed as though everyone who applied for the Summer work. We meet others from various schools. We had breakfast and waited to see what workshops we were attending. I learned about myself that day. I learned that I have a deer personality. LOL. I will explain in detail for another time.

After some much needed decompression, Mel and I went to the Taj Lounge in the city. There we had a few drinks and took in the sights of the club. I realized that there were a lot of older people there. Which made me feel a little out of place. But overall as the night went on I didn’t care. I just danced to the music until I couldn’t dance anymore.

We had so much fun that night. I can’t wait to go out again sometime. Well, that’s it for now guys. I will be back with another roundup next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

~Until We Meet Again


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