IDI Weekly Roundup #18: Having a Setback

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another Weekly Roundup. This week was very interesting to say the least. On Monday, I discovered that I couldn’t work with the Summer Camp students because I wasn’t employed by the company that runs the program. Although, this is true. It still would have been nice to have gotten all the necessary paperwork out of the way prior to my start date. So, I’m currently not in a good mood.

This left me feeling a little overwhelmed because I had to get a physical and at the time, had to get fingerprints taken. The fingerprints was the easy part. Spending the next two days trying to get two different hospitals to give you a TB test was annoying. However, it wasn’t until that I went to another establishment that I discovered that I did in fact have health insurance and had it for quite some time. (HUH?) How was this possible? No postmarked envelopes ever came to my house, telling me this. (Sigh)

Anyway, I made my appointment on Wednesday and saw a physician the next day. I picked up my results on today. And everything is all good.

Now, if only I could get these darned references letters out on time. (grr)

Well, even though I am peeved about all the running around I did this week, I am glad that I got this done and I can’t wait to start working again.

As I was reminded, that life offers you its challenges. Sure, you can get frustrated, angry, pissed off, or even Hulk out as a result of these challenges, but the main important thing is to remember that these challenges do not define how you are. It is how you handle them, that’s what makes you…you. I know that may sound a little corny, but that’s the truth of it all.

You just have to keep pushing forward. And that’s what I intend to do.


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