IDI Weekly Roundup #20: Back in Action

Hi everyone,

First I would like to apologize for not posting last week. I have been very busy and it wasn’t until I had a free moment that I realized that I didn’t do an IDI for the week. 

Well, the reasons why I was so busy is that I went back to work at the summer camp on the 21st. It was great to see the kids again. Their faces lit up when they saw me. It was nerve racking for me because I didn’t know if they really missed me or not. I was so overjoyed. I almost cried.

It was very emotional for me, however, because of my absence I quickly found myself having to get to speed on the things I missed and I really missed a lot. 

My group created another chant while I was gone and I my creative writing class was practically done with their lessons…not to mention I am co-hosting a luau in less than two weeks so the pressure is definitely on. 

I was feeling at some point that there wasn’t really much for me to do since I had missed so much. And that in itself made me feel a little disappointed by that. It wasn’t fair that I had to be sidelined and the kids got to miss out on a lot of my antics. On the other hand, it has given me the chance to get to know my kids and I feel privileged to have met them. 

I just hope that they feel the same way.

Since I’ve been busy…it has given me time to write my fanfiction. I actually completed Chapter 2, a few days ago, about a fashion designer and an actor. I can’t go into details because it is definitely a NSFW story and should be read on one’s private time. (The links to my stories can be found in My Works tab.)

The rest of the week was spent shopping for a baby shower for the Program Coordinator at our job. I think she enjoyed the gifts that we got her baby. (She’s having a girl!!!) I forgot to ask if she picked out any baby names, but I think I will ask this week. Or I might not even ask at all since I don’t know her that well. 

Well, I keep you posted on how everything turned out with summer camp and my writing.


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