IDI Roundup #23: Back to School

Hi folks,

How is the weather treating you? It is soggy in New York. The sun is no where in sight. 😦 I wish it was though. I could use some sunshine right now.

Speaking of sunshine…I went back to work last month. I was anxious about this year’s students. But so far, the sixth graders are putting their best foot forward. For me, I struggled tremendously on how to approach my students. The conflict of being Ms.  Stern versus Ms. Cool. My personality often changed depending which students I had. And they always tell you in Teaching 101 – to treat all your students the same. I honestly tried to, but there was always those one or two students that would drive me up the wall with their antics, which ultimately altered my perception and my treatment of them.

However, I’ve remained balanced. I give my students an equal amount of respect. Respect is definitely earned not given and I think they get that.

Working with students will always have its challenges, but it is also rewarding because you get to understand where they are coming from. They are not just little people, but they have feelings and deserve someone to care for them and treat them with respect.

I know its too early in the semester, but I think these students are going to do well this year. They are focused and so am I. I’m giving my students the best.

Welcome back to school.


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