Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

It is that time of year again. Chocolate, flowers and condom sales increase. That’s right. It’s Valentine’s Day. A day that many people go over the top to show their love for their significant other.

Valentine’s Day has been around for as long as I can remember. We have a love/hate relationship that has lasted for at least 15 years. One year I love it, the next I hate it and if it would go away like Justin Bieber. (Sorry Justin…eh, not really.)

This year, Valentine’s Day was on my good side. Now here is why it’s back on my good side. Before I go into how the day was spent, first a little back story.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years (11 in August) and for some time now we have been struggling to spend time together. I have to admit that I haven’t been trying a lot to make things work…due to the fact that when we do spend time together, I end up asleep on the couch shortly after I’ve come over. Between my job and the commute, coupled with lack of sleep has caused the relationship to suffer.

Realizing this…Valentine’s Day was the day to make up for it. I arrived at his house and he told me to sit down at the table. He had prepared dinner for the both of us. He made homemade ravioli with spinach and meat sauce. I must say that it tasted so good. Hmm-mmm.

I think the defining moment was when he turned to me and said, “See, babe? This was what I wanted all along. All I wanted was us spending time together, enjoying a nice meal and having a great conversation.”

I have to admit that, that was what I wanted as well. Things have gotten so out of hand I had forgotten what it was like it being the two of us, enjoying each other’s company. We missed out on doing the things we loved doing together…like just sitting down and talking or watching a movie together.

After dinner, he had told me that he had made a music playlist to be during dinner, but he had forgotten it. I smiled and said that it was okay. We decided to sit down and watched a movie. I chose Disney’s Hercules since neither one of us had seen the movie in its entirety.

We exchanged gifts, which was fun. Valentine’s Day was very enjoyable. I think sometimes people forget the doing the simple things can have just as much an impact as celebrating on a larger scale. It was the best day we had spent together in a really long time and I am happy that it happened.

I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store next year.

~Til We Meet Again.


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