Summer’s Over, Back To School!

Goodbye Summer made by darkfusionx.
Goodbye Summer made by darkfusionx.

Hi everyone,

It’s September and it’s back to school. As an educator, I waited with bated breath for this moment.  This year is different then the past two years. This year, we have our first graduating class and I am so thrilled to see our students come this far.

There is a lot of mixed emotions because I am returning to a brand new term of students, with whom I have to get to know, whereas I have my returning students who are going to be graduating and moving on to high school (cringe). But I know it’s all good and I am proud of them.

Speaking of proud, over the Summer I had met a wonderful bunch of 2nd and 3rd graders at Summer Camp. This was my first time working with youth of this grade, so I had so much anxiety.

And with the anxiety, came the fear of not knowing what to expect. I was fearing the unknown. Traveling in uncharted waters. But somehow, I made it through and I must say that I will miss my campers and I hope to see them someday.

With the new school year, I am really anxious about the fact that our students are older and are going to be leaving us. I pray that our school term will go off without a hitch, but as I know all too well that always isn’t the case. One can hope though. So I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck.


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