My 6 year anniversary…Getting Fired From A Job

Have you ever been fired from a job before? I know I have. Sadly, enough I still bare the scars from such a loss. Oftentimes, many of us find ourselves facing unemployment because we didn’t play well with others or just wasn’t cut out for the task that was given to us.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this fact. Yesterday marked the 6th year anniversary of my firing from my receptionist job. Coincidentally, a co-worker of mine had gotten fired yesterday – 6 years to the day that I caught the boot.

I really felt bad for her because I really felt that all her issues that she had could have been resolved, had they been resolved in a timely manner. But when I happened to run into her after she received the news, it felt like it was happening to me all over again. I looked into her eyes and I remembered how it felt to be told that you were no longer needed and that they felt that they couldn’t trust you.

It hurts because you work so hard and put up with a lot of crap…and I do mean a lot of crap from fellow co-workers and bosses. Sometimes, they say and do things that are just downright hurtful. But you keep telling yourself that it is just the part of the job.

But is it really? That hollow feeling I was left with, was that really a part of the job? Feeling like a total failure was part of the work experience? Hmm. I don’t think so. No one should feel like a loser for losing a job.

Sometimes I wonder if I had the opportunity to change what happened to me. Yes, some things I would change but I think it was the best and worst thing that could have happened to me.

As for my co-worker, Lisa….

I don’t know how she turned out. But, Lisa (not her real name), in her mind thought that she did a good job. So, don’t get me wrong I think she tried her best given the nature of her place of employment. I’m not here to judge her on that.

I think that we all have at some point tried our best and it just wasn’t good enough for others.

It has taken me 6 long and frustrating years to come to terms of being fired from a job and feeling like I could never get back on my feet.

I have since moved on to other jobs and currently finding myself about to switch jobs again soon.

Working with a group of people isn’t easy. Sometimes you work well with others and sometimes you don’t. That’s how it goes.

Wherever Lisa may be, I want to wish her the best of luck! I know it is not easy trying to start over and trying to reclaim some semblance of your life. But with time and dedication you can make it.

But whatever you do, it isn’t the end of the world. You always have options. Don’t sell yourself short and know when it is time to leave.

Good luck to all in the workforce!


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