Reasons why I don’t want to start a fitness blog!

So let me start by saying that I don’t have anything against fitness blogs. In fact, I suggest you check out Brooklynactivemama. There are plenty fitness tips to choose from. Now, here is why I am not starting a fitness blog.

Here is a little back story:

A co worker had been approaching me with the idea of working out together. Angie (not her real name) had made it public knowledge to other co workers that she wanted to have a workout buddy because she wanted a beach body for the summer. I really wasn’t opposed to the idea of working out, but I have been rather lazy to get started.

Then one day, we were on our way home and she looked me dead in the eye and said,

“So when are you coming to work out with me?” She asked in a serious tone.

At that point, I wanted to run (for what reason I don’t know) and hide. But since no one else wanted to say anything I just said, “Next week.”

Next week came and went with us working out for a total of two days out of the week. I had previous engagements which made it difficult for me to meet up with her. But we made the promise to workout the following week.

This week, I was available for the better part of it. I was open Monday-Thursday morning, but only workout on Tuesday. 😦

I admit that I am pumped to workout but the lack of consistency has made it difficult for me to focus.

And for me to be focus, I need to have steady support or I won’t achieve my weight loss goals.

On the other hand, there are probably some people that might say: ‘Why do you need a workout buddy? You can do this on your own.’ I say, yes. I can try to do it on my own. However, I think if you want to help empower someone, I think you give 1000% of yourself and be dedicated.

I don’t want to dedicate my time to work out if I am not being consistent and diligent. So, in a nutshell that is why I don’t want to start a fitness blog.


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