My First Week Jitters

Its Friday evening.

I sit at the dining room table trying to write this post. After goofing off for fifteen minutes, listening to random songs, I finally got the mojo needed to write.

Today, I completed my first week working at the new school. I feel happy and relieved. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my first week. I just wish I wasn’t so nervous. My first day (Tuesday) I had so many butterflies in my stomach, I thought I was going to throw up. 

When I worked at my old school in Queens, I didn’t remember being extremely nervous. I mean, I felt it but it wasn’t this bad.

I was downright scared. It also didn’t help things because I didn’t know any of the students. I was the new kid on the block. Somethings I didn’t know how to do because I never had to do them at my old school. 

You see, I was used to dealing with a smaller group of kids. Not a classroom of 20. (I wish I could have 4 students again.) So this was a challenge for me.

I also had another challenge…today some of the 7th graders asked me to help them with their math homework. 

I must tell you right know, adding and subtracting integers are not my thing. I tried to help them, but in they end they didn’t seem to have much faith in me helping them and instead asked another student for assistance. (I felt like a total loser.)

Even though there were a few hiccups, everything went by rather smoothly. I met the prinicipal on our first day. That made my day. She was nice. The art teacher whom I met on Wednesday was nice as well. The staff is nice overall.

My jitters aside, I am really proud of myself and I hope to make a great year at the new school.



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