Happy Halloween!!!!

Halloween is tomorrow. I am not really too thrilled about it being on a Monday because I have to work and we have to make sure the kids leave at 4:30 so they can go trick or treating. Plus, with all the craziness going on about clowns scaring people, it is putting some of the staff and students on edge.

Despite the nerves, we are throwing a party for the kids. I believe everything will turn out fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

And speaking of keeping my fingers crossed, I spent all of Friday night and early Saturday trying to buy the pieces for my Batgirl outfit. In the process, I nearly got into it with two guys in front of me because they kept staring. (If you are from New York City, you don’t stare at anybody.) About a half hour later, I was out the door with 1/10 of my outfit. I went into two stores after and couldn’t find anything. Eventually, I just gave up and went home.

The next day I went to Party City and found the things I needed. Except for the mask. Ugh. With the Halloween party within a few hours I bought a plain mask and made my way back home.

Three hours later, I was meeting up with friend Melanie. She was going to be Zatanna from DC. We took a train to Williamsburg and found ourselves at a record store called, Rough Trade. It’s a nice little spot not too far from the waterfront. We were there to see this band called Secret Weapons.

I personally never heard of them, so I felt a little awkward not singing along. But Mel was into it. This band can play. I was in love. I like all their songs and everything was so clear. The lead guitarist was pretty cool too. Mel and I ran into him outside after the band had finished and we got a ride with him to the band’s after party. We didn’t leave until almost 4am. It was a wonderful night. But most importantly, everyone was safe.

Next Halloween, I already decided that I would be dressing up. I wonder what my next costume would be.




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