Quest to Getting Back on my Horse #34: A Very Bumpy Road


So it’s the end of the work week and for once I don’t feel exhausted as usual. All my co-workers have gone home and I am the only one still here. I just wanted to stay and decompress for a bit before I go to parts unknown the train station.

I most admit that when I first left my job in Queens, I was happy as hell to leave. And I still am happy with my choice to leave, but now that I have settled in to this new job in Brooklyn, it has me feeling a little down.

I don’t want to sound like a Debby Downer, but things haven’t been all that great since I began this new job. For example, there are certain things that have been done that make it difficult. The kids are always a handful, but that just comes with the territory. The managing hasn’t been stellar, and being understaffed plays a significant role in the way we function as a team.

I don’t have any issues working as a team, never did. But if you want us to do something or need something done, you should be able to tell your staff what you need done. If this doesn’t happen, it leads to a lack of communication and break down of program.

And break down of program is what I would like to avoid. I like the place that I am working at, but the more I come here, the more I feel like I am not being utilized correctly. I was told at the end of last week that I will be running the art class from now on. I have no previous art experience, so I don’t understand the thinking behind this. In addition, it was never stated to me when and what date I will be taking over for the art teacher. Or what supplies that I would need to pull this off. I am really annoyed by this. I would never put an employee in a situation like that without giving them prior notice. But that’s just me.

As it stands right now, I am contemplating leaving this job and looking for another one because I don’t like lack of communication and I don’t like the way how things are being done. It makes me feel incompetent because I am expected to know what I am doing and I am like “What the heck?”

If they want someone to write, then I’m your gal. But arts and crafts…I more or less have two left hands when it comes to things like that.

Despite feeling like I have two left hands, I will have to learn to just role with the punches and have something planned for Monday, because I don’t need to look bad in front of my boss. Bad enough I have this distinct feeling that she doesn’t like me too much as it is. (But I’m not letting my feelings about that effect my work.)

It has been a bumpy road, but I’m still holding on. I want to see how this plays out and if it doesn’t change then I will find something else to do.




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