30 Day Soda Free Challenge: 2 Months Later

As some of you may know I quit soda back in September. Originally I was just going to do the 30 days but I realized something….

I realized that once the challenge ended, I really didn’t want to stop. It meant from now on I was drinking more water and juice. However, I realized that I couldn’t kick my Arizona fix, Sweet Tea. 

I also came to realize that I wasn’t missing soda as I thought I would. 

Since the challenge I have noticed some noticeable changes. For example, I am less sluggish then I was in the mornings. I work only 4 hours a day, and I was feeling pretty beat but now I feel less tired now. 

Although I haven’t changed a lot of my habits, I firmly believe that kicking soda to the curb was and is the best step into the right direction to a healthier me.


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