Ghosts from the Past

It’s late at night and I find myself fighting the urge to fall asleep. But I have to get this out now before I fall into a state of unconsciousness.

‘Ghosts from the Past,’ sounds like the makings of a suspense novel. Regardless of the title, it really does fit this post.


So, I quit my job in August and found employment elsewhere. The reasons why I left the job was because things had become rather unfriendly and people who I thought were nice turned out to be otherwise. I accepted another job over the summer and opted to quit working for the organization I was with. In addition, the new job was much closer to home.

I left and never really looked back. That was until last night. I was sitting around when I heard my phone made a sound. Picking it up, I assumed it was from my mother, but when I saw that I had been added in to a group chat with the people that I had stopped talking to, I was shocked and annoyed at the same time.

We hadn’t spoken since June and all of sudden they want everyone in a group chat like nothing ever happened. I know that I am in my feelings or whatever…but if we haven’t spoken for a while and there are reasons for it, I am a bit skeptical of your motives.

What agenda do you have now? I am trying not to be sound petty but if you offended me once or twice, it is will have to take a miracle to get me to speak on good terms with you. Especially, when a person made no effort to resolve the issue or state an issue that they had when they clearly had one.

Part of me wants to hope that they are being genuine but when you deal with a person who is too immature, it is difficult to get passed that and dig deeper to get to the problem.

I have to keep them at a distance because I am not going to allow myself to get wrapped up in that craziness again. It isn’t good to be around negative people when you are trying to get yourself to a better place.

Some people should stay gone.





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