Convention Time: 8 Years Later


It has been one heck of a month!

There’s a couple of events that happened and the funny thing is, the month isn’t even over yet.

After an 8 year hiatus, I attended the AnimeNEXT convention in Atlantic City on June 9-11. I was a member of the con safety team. It was a new venue for me, since the last place was in Somerset. Within the last year, the convention decided to move to AC, because of spacing issues. But it was so surreal being back as a staff member, especially because most of the people that I had started my convention journey with had since moved on.

Part of the reason, I was being told it was a bad idea going was because of that very same fact. There were a lot of changes since my departure and I wasn’t really sure what the hell I was walking myself into.

But I didn’t care. I just wanted to get away for a few days and see what changes had been made. This time around, I got to do things that I hadn’t had the opportunity to do for the four years that I was staff all those years ago. So, that was a new thing for me. I really and truly enjoyed myself. And to top it off, I met a pretty awesome room mate, Kels.

We talked a lot and found out things about each other, which is weird for me because I just don’t open up to anyone. She is from Pennsylvania, and she enjoys collecting things.

And speaking about collecting things, I managed to get a few things while off duty at the con. I snagged hubby a Decepticons t-shirt and I bought a chain, a $20 grab bag and something called Pejoy (it’s like Pocky, but not really like it).  Plus, the many pictures and videos that I took over that weekend was amazing!!! Finally, I got some complimentary slippers from the Sheraton Hotel. They really hooked me up with everything I asked for.

The only downside to the trip, was not planning accordingly. On the day of my leaving, I hadn’t figured out an easier way for me to get the tickets for the NJ Transit bus, because I couldn’t figure out what gate the bus was departing from. In addition, I ended up trekking many blocks to the convention center because I didn’t plan the right way.

Hopefully, if there is a next time. I would be able to plan ahead of time and be more mindful of time.

(To view the photos that I took at the convention, please click on the gallery tab.)



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